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Vex 3

You should be aware of how skillful your Vex 3 character is in the first and second series. You have witnessed how fast and agile it is.

Vex 3 is the game you can play on your computer at . Set out on a new daring adventure with your flexible and athletic character here in Vex 3! Your mission in this game is to control your character and reach the portal as safely as possible. Get inside the portal to complete the level. There are also moving blocks that can help you or put you in danger. Some blocks can make you bounce high and some blocks are weak and fall below. Use your ability to slide and wall climb to reach new areas and to avoid getting killed by the spinning saw blades and deadly spikes. See if you can finish each level quickly and without deaths for a higher rank!

Vex 3 is an addictive platform game made by.


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